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can you spell unprofessional?

October 22, 2008

well i think i just did. last week I was in Baltimore for a conference/convention/congress/c-word. whatever. A group of 16 from PSU went down to experience what our lives will be like as recreation professionals.

are you wondering what a recreation professional does exactly? so am i. going off the conference alone, i would say they drink heavily and hit on students. there’s obviously much more to it than that (just like homemade Sprite), but a snapshot of the conference would provide the same response from your eyes as well. and you would see lots of playground equipment. As students what did we do? We joined in on the fun of course. We’re all of age and responsible enough to make our own decisions.

I think it’s needless to say that we’ve been reprimanded for our actions over the past week. I agree that it certianly did not benefit our school or our image in the professional field to show off our exploits on the internet, but at the same time, we’re adults and our choices are our responsibility. If a picture of me holding a beer even though I’m of age prevents me from getting a job, then I honestly don’t want to work there anyway. Thanks for the concern, but my facebook page/internet image is under control. I know what the internet means thankyouverymuch.


what’s my age again?

September 13, 2008

tack this onto the list of things i’m sick of: people thinking i’m a freshman.

i have a few strikes against me, like my height and the fact that i wear a backpack (shoulder support!) but seriously, it’s getting old. and coincidentally, so am i.

it was the first or second day of classes and i was in the West commons waiting around for one of my classes to begin. thought i would get a USA Today and dominate the puzzle page per usual, and i was particularly excited because it would be the first time in quite a while. I get my ID out and attempt to open the white contraption that holds the papers hostage, and after 1 swipe this chick comes up to me and says “oh sweetie your ID card goes picture UP”

um, duh. i do realize i was at fault, simply looking at the picture with the bar on top with written instructions that it faces down (what? yeah…) and well, i haven’t used that thing in months. as soon as i put my card in though, i knew i was wrong and had to flip it, so i didn’t need the Barbie doll to tell me what to do. i couldn’t really say anything to her but “oh thanks,” which i did, then proceeded to glare at her as she skipped off, presumably doing her good deed for the day.

i guess i should just stop doing things that make me look like a freshman, but come on! i like the free HUB movies on Thursday nights. no one said i was sitting there doing crafts on Friday night, but for all these people know that pass me on the sidewalk, i probably do. (for the record, i don’t)

so what are my options here? dress up more for class? no, that makes you look even more freshmany. carry an open beer? no, that’s against the law. constantly make references to the 05 football team? sadly that’s probably the best option i have. or i could drop my notebooks on the ground every few steps making sure everyone sees that they’re 400 level courses. except for the fact that 3 of them aren’t…

looking young is a battle that you can never really win. you always want to look older until you actually do, and then you spend all of your time trying to look young. luckily for me, that will happen much later in life than for everyone who looks age appropriate now.


oh really

August 18, 2008

1. i’m so over the Jo Bros. told you it would be a quick affair. it was a clean break and we’re sharing custody of the hair straightener. haha kidding, i don’t even use one.

The fall semester is quickly approaching. shudder. I am excited to return to State College since I haven’t been since December 20th, but the thought of taking classes and applying for internships and probably getting a job just makes me want to curl up in a ball and get kicked around. yep, i would rather be a soccer ball than do all of that.

one of the happy, or completely dreadful moments before school starts is that first ANGEL log on and subsequently noticing one of your classes has been posted. This is usually exciting because it lets you read the syllabus (and start crying) and there are usually assignments posted for your perusal. Getting ahead never hurt anyone right?

I opened up my RPTM 460 page kind of excited, wtf is legal liability in recreation anyway?? this can’t be a difficult class. so this is just a shout out to all of you pre-law clowns, i apparently have to write legal briefs for this class. pump your brakes, professor. I’m a recreation major, not an aspiring Elle Woods.

also, our third exam happens to be on a day in which I will be en route to Madison, WI for the football game. that doesn’t work for me. so who wants to break my arm so i can get a hospital note?

and the icing on the cake: a group presentation. i should be used to this, because let’s face it, my major is basically team building exercises and group projects. i just can’t simply muster up enough energy for multiple group projects this semester, i think i might die.

so far this class is in the medal range for ruining my semester, but it’s the only contender so far.  it’s sad to think that this could be the least painful of the bunch. guess i better start praying to Bela Karolyi for some magic. ps- i totally spelled his name right BEFORE typing into google to make sure.


Farewell to the Bluths

August 16, 2008

*poster’s note: I wrote this farewell speech for my PSU speech class, sophomore year of college. I just found it this afternoon while sorting through bins and couldn’t stop laughing. My only regret is not working in one of my favorite AD moments, where everyone is chanting “speech! speech! speech!” but believe me, i thought about it.

Fox has made a huge mistake. It’s not like this happened yesterday, but last year they canceled what was easily my favorite show in the past few years, Arrested Development. I know I cannot do the show justice, but today I would like to say goodbye to my beloved AD by imparting the wisdom it has given me over the years from watching the original run, and many repeat viewings on DVD. Each of the Bluth family members has contributed to my life in some way, and I would like to recognize a few of them and what they have taught me.

Michael and George Michael Bluth, the father-son duo; From everything you’ve taught me, I know that an A- is not quite an A and it doesn’t deserve ice cream, and that being in love with your cousin is a little dangerous. Family is the most important thing in the world, unless you’re talking about things you eat, and then it would be breakfast. Learning to drive on a stair-car takes a lot of practice, and impeccable breaking capabilities, and if you’re ever in trouble, blame it on George Michael the singer-songwriter.

Buster Bluth, the perennial grad student of everything from tribal chants to topography, had a knack for point out the obvious, even if it was unclear for everyone else. Annyong means hello, chickens don’t clap, the blue on the map is not land, and hermano means brother. All of these things were clarified by Buster, and without him, Gob would have put everyone in a “como” on the set of the popular Spanish soap opera, El Amor Prohibido.

Brother in law Tobias was always there to unintentionally humor everyone else in the Bluth clan. I now know that a fire is not the same as a fire sale. There are dozens of never-nudes in the world, and Zach Braff is one of them. The Blue Man group is not a support group for depressed men, and somewhere over the rainbow there’s another rainbow. Somehow I’ll understand Tobias more than he’ll never know.

Finally, Gob Bluth, my favorite of the family. I now know to never give up the animation rights, rock always beats scissors, Portugal might be in South America, sad tastes a lot like happy, and building a house in two weeks is entirely possible if you yell like Howard Dean. Since he is also a magician extraordinaire, I know that the pet store does not have a return policy on dead doves, a $100 bill is no more than 100 pennies, and they’re illusions, not tricks.

Arrested Development was a genius in its own right, and it’s a shame it never found the massive audience Fox was counting on. It not only taught its viewers something new every week, but it also has an incredible staying power: every time I watch an episode, no matter if it’s viewing 3 or 50, I still laugh hysterically and find new things to enjoy each time. Arrested Development, you are sorely missed in these television times of The Bachelor and American Idol. I, like others, was sad to see you go in the way of other shows that were canceled far too soon. We all miss you and hope that you’re happy up in television heaven, and I’ll be bringing you some salmon rolls right away. Thanks for the laughs, and remember: no touching.