I’m Casting: The Hunger Games

February 16, 2011

ok teenage internet lurkers, it’s time to put all of these rumors to rest about the potential cast of the much anticipated Hunger Games trilogy. These mostly amazing/borderline terrible books will be hitting the big screen soon, and everyone is buzzing about who should play our fearless heroes and friends. and stupid people.

i read the series so of course i’m entitled to my opinions on who should grace the screen and bring Suzanne Collins’ terrible writing to life. so let’s get to it, these are my picks for the movie franchise. and i’m completely correct with all of these, so don’t even pretend to fight me.


of course it’s the True Grit girl, Hailee Steinfeld. is she technically younger than Katniss in the books? yes. but you know what? Katniss was kind of a whiny bitch at times, which is perfect for a 14 year old. She could definitely make it work, and whenever they were braiding her hair in the books I always thought of this chick. She’s perfect. discussion over.


it took awhile, but Peeta definitely became my favorite character in the book, with his mad baking skills and puppy dog heart. and his crazy antics. whatever, Team Peeta for life. i can barely defend my devotion to him. anyway, while I was reading the books Big Love’s 5th season also premiered. and you know who would be a perfect Peeta? Gary Embry, Don’s son! he’s blonde, kind of doughy (the most important quality in a baker), and he’s sweet as sugar, but could and would probably kick your ass. AND IMBD tells me he played the legendary Greg Pikitis in one of the funniest episodes of Parks and Recreation ever. yes, i screamed PIKITIS when i saw it was him. so yeah, he’s pefect. and he’s pretty unknown which is what the casting directors should go for if you think about it. no one in Harry Potter was famous minus the adults. so i cast my vote for Cody Klop.



here we go for some controversy. Everyone wants Hugh Laurie or Robert Downey Jr. to play Haymitch. I think we all know how much I love me some RDJ, but like Hugh Laurie, he is far too old for this role. Haymitch is what? in his late 30s–early 40s? and i know he’s a drunk so that gives him license to be as old looking as Clint Eastwood, but it’s the future! and both of the aforementioned actors are a touch too famous for this. do you really want to be associated with the next Twilight? Look what that did to Billy Campbell. oh yeah, gave him a bank account in the black. whatever, stick to Dr. House and Tony Stark thank you.

my pick for hot slut Haymitch (who besides Peeta and Cinna was the most badass person in country Panem) is Mark Ruffalo! he looks like he would play one hell of a drunk, and i love how he kind of lisps when he yells. there is something about him that i think really works for Haymitch. he would make it work.



another flawless character. I’ve been on Team Cinna since day one. he brings it! i don’t even know what else to say about this guy except he deserves major screen time. and i think we can all agree that Cillian Murphy is the perfect choice to play Cinna. he’s the only person i could picture while reading the books.

note: after google image-ing him, wow he is not very photogenic. and what about Colin Ferrell as Haymitch? god he would also be amazeballs.



99% of the time, I hate Kristin Chenoweth, but she’s a fan of the series and is admittedly perfect for the role of Effie.



Elle Fanning, duh. who else is a ‘wise beyond her years’ young blonde? i wish i could get more creative, but there are no other options unless you go unknown. cast her!



meh who cares. pick some nubile dark haired green eyed olive skinned ‘it’ boy. i hate him anyway.



Steve Martin. he would kill this. i bet he smells like roses and blood.


same as Gale, except i like him. but i have nothing specific in mind, maybe Zach Levi? i kind of pictured that prince from Tangled as Finnick. so yeah, Levi is my choice.



i kind of forgot about Rue, but she’s a big enough character so I’ll include her. Someone suggested Willow Smith on the interwebz and you know what? i love it. so Willow for Rue!


and truth be told, they’re the only people who matter (to me). any good casting suggestions are welcome in the comments, otherwise, feel free to stew over how right I am about Peeta and Haymitch. you’re welcome.



one final request, can we get Mike Myers in this movie? possibly as Beetee? anyone really, i don’t know why but i see him in this and it’s amazing.

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