Alphabet Movies: Go to Hell!

April 21, 2010

F; Fargo

P; Post Grad

C; Cesky Sen (Czech Dream)

B; (The) Business of Being Born

#; 17 Again

I; (The) Invention of Lying

A; (The) Amateurs

#; 2 Days in Paris

I; (The) Informant!

O; Ordinary People

G; Gentlemen Broncos

E; (An) Education

H; Hell House


hell house! sounds terrifying, and boy howdy, it is.

have you ever been to a haunted house with crazy Christian themes as the underscore? you know, the “scary” things like drunk driving, abuse, abortion, hell???

yeah, me too. there was one around my parts in middle and high school. it was called house of horrors, how appropriate. i dont know if it still exists, but man they could pack ’em in.

i grew up in a pretty god fearing part of the country. huge mega churches that sat caty-corner to each other. good times.

so hell house. it chronicles the making of one of these scary halloween houses. the brainstorms for scenes, the audition process, and of course, the big production.

it followed some of the “cast members,” including my favorite: the family with the boy that had a seizure ON CAMERA. Christ, that was terrifying. and the oldest daughter was kind of great in her role as the girl getting an abortion. crazy, but true. the blood on her white pants scarred me for life though.

so yeah, interesting stuff. seeing as i’ve been through these treasures of production before, i was familiar with the people who run them and their agenda. it’s like watching Jesus Camp, insane but super informative bout how people choose to live their lives.

and i can’t believe I’m lumping this in with Hell House, but i recently watched In The Loop and it was my favorite movie of 2009 that i saw in 2010. should have won an Oscar. really funny and insightful? idk if that’s the right word because it’s not like a true story or anything, but it was cool to see how things operate in a roundabout way.

i would include a full review, but i’ve already watched 2 movies that start with an I. never thought I would be the letter i overrun with film watching.

go rent In The Loop. skip Hell House, unless you’re bored, or are unnaturally interested in Pentecostal Christians and their ministry.

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