Alphabet Movies: life lessons

April 15, 2010

F; Fargo

P; Post Grad

C; Cesky Sen (Czech Dream)

B; (The) Business of Being Born

#; 17 Again

I; (The) Invention of Lying

A; (The) Amateurs

#; 2 Days in Paris

I; (The) Informant!

O; Ordinary People

G; Gentlemen Broncos

E; (An) Education


Oh that pixie Carrie Mulligan. such a spirit. she’s starring as a 16/17 year old girl who’s getting an education! what a title. she’s English and a little feisty. her dad wants her to attend Oxford, which means study up, young lady. Personally, having been to both Oxford and Cambridge, Cambridge is about a million times better. i am completely biased with an alum in the family, but gahhh Cambridge is just picturesque. Oxford is pretty and such, but so blah. go to Cambridge little lady!

So. she’s studying hard. and she plays the cello. it’s raining and some guy picks her up b/c he doesn’t want her cello to get wet. [insert dirty joke here]

so he’s an older gentleman, but not super grandpa old. he’s in his early 30s? whatever, it’s not that important. he’s got friends, namely some weird British lady and Dominic Cooper, old bug eyes.

they live glamorously, attracting young Pixie Mulligan. i think her name in the film is Jenny. turns out these amigos are swindlers! they steal paintings and stuff from old ladies homes right under their noses. it’s genius, really. Jenny doesn’t love this, but she likes all of the rich stuff that comes with it. She’s in love with Peter Sarsgaard, and she swipes her v-card with him on her 17th birthday. cliche!

they get engaged, which apparently is par for the course in 1960s England. young girls and old-ish men. her parents are thrilled, giving up her life of going to college. Jenny stops caring too b/c she doesn’t want to be a teacher, the only profession a woman can have besides prostitute.

something bad/scandalous happens. Little J certainly gets an education!

the acting in this little ditty was good. i don’t mean to make this movie sound trite and silly, i actually enjoyed it. everybody watch out for Miss Mulligan, she’s a force.

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