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Alphabet Movies: it’s all jello and pudding with you

March 15, 2010

F; Fargo

P; Post Grad

C; Cesky Sen (Czech Dream)

B; (The) Business of Being Born

#; 17 Again

I; (The) Invention of Lying

A; (The) Amateurs

#; 2 Days in Paris

I; (The) Informant!

O; Ordinary People

man, Mary Tyler Moore is a bitch! and sorry, Donald Sutherland will never be attractive like his son. I keep wanting the younger version of him to be hot, but blerg no. he’s just not.

Timothy Hutton was great. i’ve always liked him, and he’s especially talented in this role. Check him out in Beautiful Girls too.

He plays the tortured Conrad Jarrett, who attempted suicide, was found, went to the looney bin, got out, and is now back in high school. on the swim team coached by the debt collector from Camp Nowhere! name’s Polk. T.R. Polk. haha sorry, i love that movie. rent that too if you’ve never seen it.

So Conrad is obviously not smiles times, and his parents think he should see a shrink. so he does. and it’s the dude from Taxi! not Latka, or Danny Devito, or Jeff Conway. but the other one! Judd Hirsch is his name. ok so Connie goes to see Dr. Berger, which seems to help him. he gets to hash out his feelings about his brother drowning while he watched, dealing with him thinking he caused it, etc. damn good stuff.

so his mom, Mary Tyler Moore, is unintentionally blaming him for the loss of her eldest son. it’s clear he was the family favorite, so it’s not easy for her to deal. his dad is more understanding, and is trying to be the stable and supportive parent.

oh yeah, and Conrad’s friend from the crazy house ends up killing herself. the scene where he finds out is riveting. well played.

in the end, mommy leaves the compound for a “vacation” because she can’t stand her life either.

we’re just ordinary people, we don’t know which way to go… hum dum dum.

but honestly, i thought this movie was great. i’m getting into the old-time dramas, with crazy intense music and dark lighting. the whole movie reminded me of Love Story. same foreboding and all that.