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Alphabet Movies: i’m telling the truth

March 6, 2010

F; Fargo

P; Post Grad

C; Cesky Sen (Czech Dream)

B; (The) Business of Being Born

#; 17 Again

I; (The) Invention of Lying

A; (The) Amateurs

#; 2 Days in Paris

I; (The) Informant!

well we’ve reached that time… the time where i watch a new movie but i’ve already covered that letter. so i guess we’ve got a bonus I entry. i’m still not ready to give away the T spot.

I wanted to see this movie in theatres. much like The Invention of Lying, i didn’t have anyone to go with. pity party! whatever, so i never saw it and it got meh to bad reviews. i put it in my queue and knew one day, i would see this movie that Joel McHale talked about for years because he was in it.

so it’s a movie about this guy, Marc Whitacre. love that last name btw. if there are any Whitacres out there, heeeeey there. let’s get married so i can take your last name. ok back on point! so Marc is an executive at ADM and turns out they’re price fixing their products along with every other company in the world! shocker. so the FBI is contacted about another matter (that Marc brings up *cough* makes up) and huzzah big mouth Marc starts to spill out secrets. next thing ya know, he’s an informant for the FBI about the price fixing going down.

Marc’s an idiot. narrating the tapes much like Homer Simpson would. telling people about his FBI involvement when he clearly shouldn’t. it’s a comedy of errors.

the story evolves, the investigation goes public, gets slow at parts (but come on what movie doesn’t?), Marc’s life is turned upside down, and more stuff just happens! don’t want to spoil it for you.

what i can say is that this movie is basically a ton of comedians in “serious” roles. i swear 90% of the cast has appeared as a panelist on Best Week Ever at least once in their career. ok, not that high, but a lot of comedians in this movie. and Buster Bluth! Pete Hornburger! worth the price of admission alone.

Matt Damon was fantastic. i guess he’s a good actor? Team America would have you believe otherwise, but i kind of like the guy. but honestly i can’t tell you any other movie i’ve seen of his. Bourne series? nope. Good Will Hunting? no sir. i have glaring pop culture blind spots as you can tell. oh wait, he was awesome in Talented Mr. Ripley. i saw that!

so if you like dry humor, don’t mind being a bit confused, and like true stories of corporate takedowns, rent away. i’m such a nerd, i really loved all of the info about what ADM does. corn! it really is in everything.

oh yeah, you might be annoyed by the music. it wasn’t too bad for me. and i loved all of the factoids Damon spouted. i laughed out loud at a lot of them.