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Alphabet Movies: man child

February 22, 2010

17 isn’t a letter. it’s numbers! can you guess what movie i just watched? 17 Again of course.

F; Fargo

P; Post Grad

C; Cesky Sen (Czech Dream)

B; (The) Business of Being Born

#; 17 Again

i was too old to jump on the Zefron train, so pardon my ignorance for not knowing he’s actually an ok actor. kidding, i’ve totally seen high school musical 1 and 2. but not 3. maybe that can be letter H? meh we’ll see.

anyway, this was an enjoyable light movie, perfect for a monday evening when it’s snowing/raining and i have soup to eat.

i loved the best friend. i’m not really into hyper-nerd humor, so that did get a little old, and him boning the principal was predictable, but some things were just too funny so my dislike was overridden by my laughter.

i almost hate to say it, but lately i’ve been enjoying the really predictable doofy movies. someone needs to change my battery pack i guess.

anyway, Zac Efron was great. he can act! i actually believed him as Matthew Perry’s former self. speaking of, Mr. Bing was fine too. not great, but fine. Leslie Mann has always annoyed me, so she wasn’t a highlight. you know who else needs to grow up? Georgina Sparks. Nona Mecklenberg. (michelle trachtenberg) i guess she’s only 24 but christ she looks like she’s 30 and 14 at the same time. either way, i don’t buy that she’s a 17/18 year old girl.

the other kid was good too.

well this is going south, but i would say YES! if you haven’t seen this movie. it was cute, and you too can get past the weird mushy parts if you try your hardest.