Alphabet Movies: The Bizniss

January 24, 2010

F; Fargo

P; Post Grad

C; Cesky Sen (Czech Dream)

B; (The) Business of Being Born

well. this was one of the best advertisements for birth control if i’ve ever seen one! basically it’s a documentary by Ricki Lake discussing the evils of C-sections and drugs and hospitals. it’s very pro-midwife and home birth, which is fine by me. i think it’s completely correct about the troubles with hospital births, and the unnecessary measures taken by doctors out of convenience.

i’m still on the fence about having my own kids, but this definitely grossed me out. i had no idea how squeamish i was until i watched this! the epidural, the squatting into a bathtub… sick. my whole body was in pain just watching it. so yeah, after watching some of The Pregnancy Pact tonight and then this, i am certainly pro-no kids right now.

my favorite parts of this documentary are as follows:

  • the husband from the one home birth, where he was sans clothing the whole time with his wife too. a little creepy, but i guess i understand?
  • the “expert” who looked like a homeless guy, just yelling about how terrible hospitals are, and how women should give birth at home. he just looked like he was pulled for a ‘man on the street’ segment, and got really riled up before they talked to him. i half expected him to get up in a huff with his walking stick and bandanna tied to the end. however, he made valid points, so i’ll give him that much.
  • the ‘twilight sleep’ discussion. this totally happened to Betty on Mad Men! crazy! yeah, all of the drugs and effects on kids was pretty cool. and scary.

every woman should see this movie. it’s a great conversation starter about how you want childbirth to happen. there are many options out there, and knowing what happens to you in a hospital is beneficial. i’m not saying hospital births are bad, because sometimes they are necessary (as seen in the film), but it’s always good to know what’s going on before you’re just laying there with no control.


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