Alphabet Movies: P edition

January 21, 2010

let’s recap:

F; Fargo

P; Post Grad

should i be embarrassed that i watched this movie? probably. i’m a sucker for Rory Gilmore and THINGS ABOUT MY LIFE. i’m in her same sitch, minus the hot neighbor and bff that loves me. so uh, not at all. i think it did an ok job of depicting what it’s like to be home again and jobless, sort of. but they kept introducing plot points that were stupid, and then either finished them or ignored them. for example, the little kid and his soapbox derby. didn’t need to exist. get rid of the whole kid character! or make him mute. and the dad getting arrested for stealing belt buckles? stupid. they should have focused totally on Ryden and what happens to her, not trying to add other story lines. i would have much preferred more time with the hot neighbor aka Karl from Love, Actually.

in other news, my secret hope of spelling something crazy with the order i watched my alphabet movies is officially over. FP doesn’t spell anything. does it? no.


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