Alphabet Movies: Czech it

January 21, 2010

two movies in one day? the perks of being unemployed. and netflix watch instantly. killer combo.

F; Fargo

P; Post Grad

C; Cesky Sen (Czech Dream)

this is a documentary made by some film school kiddos. now i’m not sure if their purpose was to show how advertising affects us, or just to be raging huge dicks. either way, they made quite the little film.

i first heard about Cesky Sen whilst in Prague. i think the people who made it went to FAMU like me! anyway, so they came up with this idea of opening a hypermarket (that’s supermarket to you Englishmen). The catch? there would be nothing there. they undertook a massive advertising campaign with catchy slogans like ‘don’t spend’ and ‘don’t bother’ and a bunch more. pretty much ‘don’t do it!’ which brings out the 5 year old in all of us. ‘well of course i’m going to do the exact opposite of what you just said’

they also had this enraging song to go along with the hypermarket. with the kids nodding their heads, realizing their Czech dream. some of my favorite footage came from the lead singer. man, she was really into the song.

so they used that old mysterious angle in their adverts, and got about 2000 people to show up for the opening of the fictitious Tesco-like being. some were mad, others confused, and a bunch of people commented on voting NO to join the EU. almost like the European Union was pulling the wool over their eyes. not so, it was your dear brothers in Nationality.

it was pretty cool seeing all of the reactions, and i admit, i was nervous for the grand opening. i wanted a see a knife fight but had to settle for the upset old people. i wanted to interject and tell them that it’s not worth it! don’t walk all the way into that field! your poor legs can’t handle it.

while it was a little disjointed, overall, i enjoyed what i saw. i think a lot of it had to do with the fact that i’m familiar with Czech culture and their people. if i was just a random person on netflix looking to watch a documentary, i don’t know if i would have enjoyed it as much as i did.


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