November 28, 2009

i can’t believe how much i’m enjoying House this season. like honestly enjoying it.

i started watching during season 2. freshman year of college. a bunch of us would get together every tuesday, or whatever day it was on, and watch it. honestly, it was mostly a social thing for me. never much cared about the show. and rarely remembered what the hell happened the week before.

i kept watching until i left to live abroad. i watched quite a few episodes thanks to the magic of the interweb, but it was never a ‘must download’ thing like other shows. i think i stuck it out for that whole season though.

and then season 5 came along. i watched it off and on, and then when i moved to Pittsburgh i gave up. too much going on, not enough love for the show. especially those new characters they added. go to hell, thirteen! and Forman can join you.

anyway, fast forward to this fall. dvr. praise jesus. and my parents watch it too, so we tape it (DWTS is on LIIIIVE) and then catch up a few days later. in all honestly, i probably like it at least 30% for the fact that i can skip the commercials. it keeps the story going. but idk, something about this season is just good. i really missed Chase and Cameron. i’m glad they were back. and i like the plastic surgeon guy a lot too. i always forget his name. Taub? sure.

but yeah, Chase is hitting it out of the park this season. my friend and i used to always joke that ‘Chase was going to screw something up’ because, well, he usually did. we even had a tally board on her fridge for when we watched. his storyline this season is actually interesting, and i’m glad he’s getting some much needed attention. Wilson and House are great as usual. i’m sick of Cuddy, but what else is new. Lucas is awesome though. weird placing, but i’m glad he’s back.

i think it’s the dvr that makes me like House. that’s a sad reason, but hey, at least i’m watching?

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