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November 28, 2009

i can’t believe how much i’m enjoying House this season. like honestly enjoying it.

i started watching during season 2. freshman year of college. a bunch of us would get together every tuesday, or whatever day it was on, and watch it. honestly, it was mostly a social thing for me. never much cared about the show. and rarely remembered what the hell happened the week before.

i kept watching until i left to live abroad. i watched quite a few episodes thanks to the magic of the interweb, but it was never a ‘must download’ thing like other shows. i think i stuck it out for that whole season though.

and then season 5 came along. i watched it off and on, and then when i moved to Pittsburgh i gave up. too much going on, not enough love for the show. especially those new characters they added. go to hell, thirteen! and Forman can join you.

anyway, fast forward to this fall. dvr. praise jesus. and my parents watch it too, so we tape it (DWTS is on LIIIIVE) and then catch up a few days later. in all honestly, i probably like it at least 30% for the fact that i can skip the commercials. it keeps the story going. but idk, something about this season is just good. i really missed Chase and Cameron. i’m glad they were back. and i like the plastic surgeon guy a lot too. i always forget his name. Taub? sure.

but yeah, Chase is hitting it out of the park this season. my friend and i used to always joke that ‘Chase was going to screw something up’ because, well, he usually did. we even had a tally board on her fridge for when we watched. his storyline this season is actually interesting, and i’m glad he’s getting some much needed attention. Wilson and House are great as usual. i’m sick of Cuddy, but what else is new. Lucas is awesome though. weird placing, but i’m glad he’s back.

i think it’s the dvr that makes me like House. that’s a sad reason, but hey, at least i’m watching?


i saw it: Love Story

November 21, 2009

love means never having to say you’re sorry.

exsqueeze me? i object. i think it does.

this classic romance from 1970 is touted around town as the greatest love story ever told. hmm…

it’s good. i enjoyed it. i really did. don’t get me wrong.

i just hate movies that jump through time while making it seem like it’s the next day. woosh you’re in college. graduate. law school. job. all in a minute! and she worked at some sort of camp? when did this happen? and that’s not their boat is it? it’s not that severe, but those kids grow up quick.

maybe it’s that my copy of the movie was scratched and kept jumping forward. i watched the clock and it was only a minute each time so that much couldn’t have happened…

and their ‘love story’ built up so fast. i don’t know, i didn’t think falling in love took that little time. it was love at first sight if i’ve ever seen it.

i loved that she’s a ball buster and he’s a prep. it’s basically my dream relationship. i’m totally into the sweater/blazer combo. it doesn’t hurt to have a building named after your family either.

it was sad when you knew he knew about her impending death. it’s sad when he finds out she knows too. i can’t believe he was able to act normal, well relatively, during that time. be strong Ollie!

by the way, i’m not spoiling anything when i say she dies. you know that going into the movie. plus it’s 2009. almost 2010. this movie has been out FOREVER. you should already know that it’s the love story and the chick dies at age 25. SAD. TEARS.

i liked the opening, and even watched the ‘a classic remembered’ feature on the dvd which explained how it was edited originally. i’m glad they changed it before it was released. it would have been weird if the doctor’s office was the first scene. the director’s right… no one would care that she was dying b/c they didn’t even know her. well played on the re-edit.

if you like old movies (wow sad that it’s considered old), then i recommend it. do you love love? you’ll like this too. do you like loud cars? this is your film. snow? yep.

i watched it because as a movie fan, i felt i should. it wasn’t a waste of a netflix. i feel more ‘in the know’ on the film scene now.


on the fence: Glee

November 12, 2009

when promos first surfaced for Glee last spring, i was immediately curious of how their viral marketing would pan out in terms of ratings. everywhere you looked, there was a commercial or poster promoting Fox’s newest wunderkind. It would appeal to the nerds of the world: those who participated in musicals, choir, band. basically anyone who experienced a daily beating from the jocks.

but honestly, has anyone ever been stuffed into a locker besides on Saved By The Bell? ours were all too skinny to fit our winter coats much less a human.

so i watched the premiere in May, being the music geek i was in high school. i can describe my feelings for the show in one made-up word: meh

i am familiar with Ryan Murphy and his creative ventures. I’m a fan of Nip/Tuck’s early days and still tune in because i love beating a dead horse. kidding, Christian Troy is just too sexy to ignore. so while watching Glee i immediately noted how ‘Ryan Murphy’ the whole thing was. it’s not a good thing and it’s not a bad thing. it teeters from sweet to sickly. hilarious to heartwarming. it’s such a dramedy it almost abuses the word.

things i like:

  • Cheerio’s head coach, Sue Sylvester

sue trip

  • The principal
  • Puck (good Christ he’s attractive. and hilarious)


puck tux

puck tux two

  • Quinn
  • babygay Kurt
  • the humming music/score

things i dislike:

  • Mr. Will Schuester
  • when he raps
  • when he sings
  • when he opens his mouth
  • his bitch-ass wife, Teri

i feel like i should pause and discuss Teri for a moment. I love the idea of the character, but i hate with how she’s dealt with. great potential there, but instead they make me hate her when i’m predisposed to love her because of my fondness for evil.

  • the guidance counselor, doe eyes


  • the football coach
  • Finn
  • the rest of the glee club
  • the overproduced music
  • horrible lip sync

i could probably go on, but that’s a nice start. it seems like i should just stop watching, right? the hates outweigh the loves. but i keep tuning in every week…

is it because i don’t want to miss out on the cultural conversation? all of my friends watch it and love it? i like Puck too much?

i usually don’t watch a show just because everyone else does. Grey’s is a perfect example. i’ve never watched an episode. probably seen three minutes of the show, max. so it’s not that…

i do love Puck, but that’s a stupid reason to watch the show. I know better.

maybe i watch to see if it can get worse. i think i keep watching because i like it just enough to keep it in the schedule. sure it’s ridiculous most of the time, but there are redeeming times.

i’m still on the fence, but will keep tuning in. until Will raps again, then i’m OUT.