i saw it: Mini’s First Time

October 28, 2009

ontd is my second home on the internet. i’m not cool enough to actually be a commenting member since i don’t use LJ, but i’m basically a crack addict when it comes to reading posts and comments. and i love the gifs. ohhhhh the gifs.

anyway, there’s this gif of Alec Baldwin flailing around all willy nilly. it always cracks me up. god i wish i knew how to post them…


figured it out!! stupidly easy, fyi.

so i kept seeing this merry little gif all over the comments and came to know that it’s from the movie Mini’s First Time. netflix!

as i’m watching the movie, i realize that i had seen most of it previously without realizing it. that was a let down. i hate when i do that. it completely violates my rule of never watching movies i haven’t seen from anywhere but the beginning. broke that rule last week when i watched the last hour or so of ‘Bright Lights Big City’ but that’s because Michael J. Fox and Kiefer Sutherland is a combination that cannot be stopped. 1988 what up.

so back to Mini… she’s 16 and hates her mom. Alec Baldwin is her step dad and they start sleeping together. and then kill her mom/his wife. Jeff Goldblum (whaaaa yesss) plays their neighbor who knows they’re totes screwing. and yay it ends.

don’t want to ruin it/honestly can’t remember what happens. oh yeah, Alec goes to prison. and i’m telling you all of this because i don’t think it ruins anything.

i was entertained, but not enough to actually recommend it. if it was on Watch Now or onDemand or just on TV and you had nothing else to do, i guess you could watch it. so this one was a ‘i saw it so you don’t have to’ kind of flick. you’re welcome.

i’ll always have the gif…

speaking of, now that i know how to post them, get ready for some gif parties!


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