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i saw it: The Rules of Attraction

October 6, 2009

thank you, IFC. i loved you in college and missed you until i remembered ‘hey, we totally get this channel.’ and then i remembered that i can use the DVR for other things… like taping movies at 4am.

i don’t know why, but movies about high school and college always fascinate me. probably because i find them to be all hilariously inaccurate. or maybe because they’re spot on.

i can’t say i identified with The Rules of Attraction that much, but i found it to be interesting. if anything, it made me want to read all of Bret Easton Ellis’ books. i already know and love Less Than Zero and American Psycho in movie form, so it’s high time i get my literature on.


  • Dawson. James whatshisface. he was so self-centered and icky and gross and misplaced his love. he was just so ‘college’
  • all of the suicide. this should be a dislike, but for some reason i enjoyed it. except WTF why didn’t they examine the bathtub one a little more. and the letters…
  • the tone. i expected this to be a ‘woo college’ crazy party kind of movie. wow, no. it’s much more dark than i expected, which was definitely welcome.
  • soundtrack. pretty good.
  • Eric Stoltz. he makes every movie awesome just by appearing.


  • all of the actors who look like one person, but aren’t. example: female lead at times was a dead ringer for Rachel Lee Cook. and Paul looked like James Marsden.
  • the warped editing. i just hate that backwards filming junk. it’s not artsy, it’s not mysterious. it’s a waste. i think i really just hated the ‘rewind’ effect, not the end to beginning part. that’s fine.
  • the narratives. the idea was good, but the execution was less than stellar. so much potential, but it ended up being disjointed and one-sided. loved Victor’s though.
  • without reading it, i knowwwww the book is better.

i probably liked this more than i should have, because objectively it’s not very good. i think i see the potential in it, and will read the book.

(as you can see, when i watch movies sometimes i have lots to say…Sword in the Stone… and others, like this, i don’t)