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if i am alive this time next year

August 13, 2009

will i have arrived in time to share?

Seven Swans is a fantastically rad album. Our boy Suf is known for his ’50 states project’ which, let’s face it, is a pipe dream if i’ve ever heard one. However, his other work definitely deserves a listen.

I came to know this man back when Pitchfork was just taking off in the hipster lexicon, you know, when it was uncouth to read Pitchfork. I heard The Seer’s Tower. knocked my socks off.

i had to have this music. it was so different, and moving. that banjo! his voice! it touched parts of me that i knew existed, but Britney and Justin just weren’t bringing it out.

after I listened to Illinois enough to start my own cover band, i got the rest of his stuff. I always enjoyed what was on Seven Swans, but never took it seriously as a completed work. you know, i just kept listening to To Be Alone With You and Sister in between Michigan tracks. it was a big jumble of Mr. Stevens.

then i think it was sophomore year of college. i really got into listening to albums as a whole, sans shuffle. i wanted to hear it as intended. Seven Swans was one of those albums that had tracks un-skippable. You want to listen to it as a complete unit, and get mad when you have to be interrupted.

Seven Swans is twelve tracks of religious fervor. The opening strums of The Dress Looks Nice on You are still haunting to me. The religious under/over tones of this record are spectacular, especially to a non-relig like myself. i’m still moved all the same.

Also, this album is definitely at the top of my ‘let’s bone’ playlist. Seven Swans mixed with some {the} National, sweet jesus.

^why did i have to ruin this post by adding that? i don’t like being taken too seriously. but honestly, consider it next time you’ve got a girl over… DMB is trite and played out.