Sports Night Season 1 Episode 4: Intellectual Property

June 27, 2009

Better late than never? I already remember that I hate this episode, so probably never… but we’ll continue on anyway.

oooh ‘virgin snow’ is supposedly funny. oh goodness, there’s a fly in the studio! why is Dana asking everyone? enough already!

ratings are up?! and Isaac’s an alky. alchie. idk how you’d spell it.

so this control room banter is already getting old. some of it is funny, granted, but a lot of it is worthless.

nice Hush Puppies, Case! fashion forward is your middle name.

and this episode begins the Casey/Dana saga. Dana’s got a man-toy named Gordon, the infamous show-killer Ted McGinley. Casey and Dana have been chums for 15+ years, and he’s obviously in love with her, but ahhhhh can’t do anything about it. and yes, this goes on for ages.

and what is with Natalie being so nosy about the ‘casey situation?’ she’s just being Miley i guess. Natalie is going out of her way to make Casey jealous. genius? we’ll see.

oooh the birthday song sub-plot. i thought this was charming the first time. ok, it’s still charming, mostly because Lisa Simpson is in human form. ‘did you think that song just happened? well, yeah.’ (me too, Dan.)

Casey still cares about the fly. he seems to care about really asinine things. flies, being cool. more things as the series progresses.

well Dan’s on the public domain song kick, requesting ‘birthday’ songs for everyone in the office. i hope the public domain list is better now than it was in 98.

ugh ENOUGH of this Dana/Casey business. Natalie needs to mind her own business.

insert Vermont cliches here. maple syrup! skiing! and now Casey and Dana are spatting about Gordon and telling Casey to ‘knock it off’ regarding their non-love affair. when she says ‘you know what i’m talking about’ i wish she would elaborate. dig deeper! this fight was pretty good, i’ll admit, and would be even better if it didn’t extend through the entire series.

and then she sees the fly.

the problem i have with this episode is that nothing really happens. it’s a lot of set-up for some big underlying stories that last for much longer than they should. there’s no sports theme, Dan’s wearing a sweater, and nothing majorly funny happens. luckily, the next episode is one of the best in the series, so that’s something to look forward to.

Quote of the episode: “it’s almost hard to believe we’re in third place”; “it’s against the law to be vaguely gay?”

Who deserves a punch in the face?: I guess Casey does? i don’t really think he’s in the wrong, but they want you to feel that way.

Hot slut of the episode: meh, no one was really working it in this episode. another reason i don’t love it.

Overlaying sports reference: wow there wasn’t one! this was a very non-sports episode of Sports Night.

Isaac cup o’ wisdom: “it took two people to write that song?”

Sideline Reporter du’jour: none AGAIN

Witty dialogue rating: too much repetition. 2.

Dan or Casey: Dan alongside Casey.


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