come on come on

May 19, 2009

i’ve been pleasantly surprised with the quality season Rescue Me has been having. i loved seasons 1 and 2, most of 3, but 4 was insulting. i think i even stopped watching, which says A LOT because i’m known to hang on to a show even when it’s down.

that said, the writer’s strike and what, 19 month hiatus does a body good. the show got back to its roots, so to say, by examining Jimmy and 9/11 again. the mark of a great television show is one that has you laughing one minute and crying the next. it’s finally doing that again.

I’m really interested in the French writer doing the 9/11 book or whatever because it’s exposing the crew’s weepy sides, but in a way you would not think is “out of step” for the characters. it feels so real when Lou yells and Tommy defending his lack of need to watch more than 3 seconds of footage because he doesn’t need it to conjure up a single memory of that day. he’s still living with it.

i’m also really glad that they’re putting the whole Franco perspective out there. personally, i don’t know what i believe about the whole shebang, but it’s refreshing to hear something else, especially coming from a firefighter. he’s right, as a human being he has the right to ask questions about what happened…

and Sheila’s monologue a couple of episodes back… oh god. so fantastic. that’s why i love this show.

there will always be things i don’t really care for, such as any scene with Tommy and Janet’s kids, but it’s more bearable this year because it’s less consuming of the 42 minutes.

and finally, let’s snap it up for Sean getting to show his acting chops this season with something serious actually happening to him. i’m usually not for medical dramz in a series, unless medicine is the topic, but i like where this is going… him having to keep it a secret from the house and all.

Rescue Me is available onDemand and i would say episode 5–on of this season have been great throwbacks to seasons 1 and 2. i can’t wait for next week and weeks to come. Thanks, Denis Leary!


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