half of them were friends from going through the program with me

December 29, 2008

cue that “let’s go to the movies” music!

it was a perfectly sunny and all together strange Sunday in December. what was it, like 60 something degrees? that’s whack. or wack? i don’t know.

regardless, my mom and i had planned on going to see Doubt since it was Sunday, and well, i was feeling guilty. my dad also wanted to see it but was busy hitting the links, and the last time we saw a movie without him he was very upset. as in still brings it up like it’s blackmail. yeah, whatever.

at the risk of actually upsetting him, i looked at what was playing at dear old GoggleWorks. to my surprise, Rachel Getting Married was playing, and only until 1/1! I’ve been wanting to see this film for awhile.

Without ruining anything, i will say that it’s about Kym (Anne Hathaway) and her sister, Rachel (the stunning Rosemarie DeWitt), who is getting married. Kym just gets out of rehab right before the wedding and dysfunction commences.

Acting=aces. excellent from everyone in the cast. no one stuck out as “wtf they suck,” so that was nice.

Set=aces ten. The house they live in, omg i want to move in. complete perfection.

Racial diversity=aces plus a million. Rachel is marrying Sidney who lives in Hawaii. They’re having an Indian themed wedding. I think i also saw a kilt? i’m not sure. it was definitely a Stuff White People Like moment or twenty.

This film is labeled as a comedy on google, which is absurd because everyone around me was tearing up and sniffling for most of the movie. Rehab is intense, getting married is stressful, and fighing with your siblings and parents is always horrible.

and here’s my standard totally superficial side note: The guy who played Keiran(?) was a super fox. I wasn’t loving his new wave bordering Flock of Seagulls hair, but he was really intense in a hot way. intense, but sensitive. not too much though.

Since GoggleWorks has no popcorn, i will give this a 3 Green Teas out of 4. I recommend it to anyone who has experienced familial dysfunction, likes 12 step meetings on film, or loves interracial couplings. Also, be sure your stomach can handle shify camera work. i was pretty dizzy at the beginning but got used to it.


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