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choke on the stuffing

November 27, 2008

happy day before black friday! grey thursday? charcoal perhaps? and while we’re on the subject, what’s the actual difference between grey and gray? i’m going to wikipedia that business in a minute but really. i prefer to use grey whenever i can, it classes me up.

ok this just in: there’s no real difference, BUT Canadians prefer Grey. hmm

anyway, before dinner tonight i was sitting with my Oma on the couch half watching Miracle on 34th Street and half wishing someone would text or call me so i could get up and leave the room. We got to talking with my Tante Lil about how inappropriate stuff is on TV these days, like how in Gone With The Wind they said “i don’t give a damn” and people were shocked. Welcome to the 90s Mr. Banks, amirite?

so yeah somehow the convo steered towards Viagra and Cialas commercials. it was awkward. i wanted to say “if it last for 4 hours or more, call your friends to brag” but i figured that would be a touch off color for the crowd. anyway then someone said something to the effect of “and there are so many gays and lesbians freely on the television today too” “i don’t want my grand kids to see that”

ugh. i know they’re old, but seriously? and i’m hardly a bleeding heart liberal, not even hardly, try just plain not. this has inspired me to either bring a chick or some “curse like a sailor” bloke to Christmas dinner. the bidding starts at -$10 (meaning i’ll pay you $10 to listen to my psycho relatives, which coincidentally is quite entertaining). and our Chirstmas is pretty low key, meaning freely flowing booze and some sort of Italian dish as well as ham.

besides that hilarity, i would give this Thanksgiving an 8 on the tolerability scale. i managed to have a nice buzz for the entire thing, meaning nothing really bothered me and the mashed potatoes tasted extra delicious.