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Sports Night Season 1 Episode 3: The Hungry and the Hunted

November 22, 2008

Long time no see, reader(s). I’m heading home tomorrow for Thanksgiving break. my laundry is done, it’s freezing outside, i have no beer money, and i just ate my weight in ice cream. all signs point to reviewing Sports Night until I fall asleep. also, i feel a little bad for Peter Krause since his latest show was canceled and he needs some attention paid to his awesomeness.

The opening music is seriously ridiculous. mmm popcorn! We open with Isaac and Casey watching sports! Casey’s eating the delicious looking popcorn. Jeremy is showing off his smarts, shocking.

The rough and tumble live on the razor’s edge…something something… yacht racing! America’s Cup is only a year and a half away. get pumped. Dan’s certainly convinced me.

Oooh Jeremy’s getting the call! Act excited/confused/whatever seems appropriate. I would venture to say excitement is the proper feeling for this, seeing as everyone in the know is excited for this young man. Let’s see how this plays out… we’ll talk about it after lunch.

along with the jazzy music, this laugh track has got to go as well. I know it does eventually, but gahh i don’t need to be told when something is funny.

One of the network big wigs is having a reception thinger that everyone must attend. Fancy invitations, the works. It’s on Thursday. which one, i’m not quite sure and neither is Dan.

Ok so onto “getting the call…” apparently Jeremy is doing quite well here at Sports Night, and the crew is looking into getting him some segment producing experience. Yay? Now if you recall, i do believe it was just last episode he was cutting his first highlight clip package that was a resounding 8 minutes. Call me crazy but it doesn’t sound like he’s doing quite well based on what we’ve seen. nonetheless, I’m sure this “call” will prove to be a great lesson for us all. Cue the Full House music.

His assignment is for the CSC Outdoorsman. oooh it involves hunting! sounds like a hot topic. does someone not agree with hunting??? probably.

Oh God, it’s Thursday! the “next Thursday” Thursday! Dan’s not prepared. Natalie wants Casey and Dana to fall in love. hmm…

and here we go with Dan’s loathing of soccer. He can’t name 5 teams in the MLS to save his life. I paused the show right after he said this, so i can quickly name 5 teams. my life isn’t in danger, but i just want to show that i can! ok here we go: DC United, LA Galaxy, FC Dallas, New England Revolution, Columbus Crew, Chicago Fire. wow that’s six. didn’t realize, and i could keep going!

anyway, the rest of the crew quickly outsmart Dan by showing off their soccer knowledge. wow they do it! was this a paid advertisement for MLS? if so i don’t think it worked…

“I just want to say that the length of this conversation is way out of proportion with my interest in it” Oh Dan, you’re too much.

Dana looks hot! Casey falls down. cue the laugh track. and oh noes! There’s a problem with Jeremy!!! I could have predicted this.

So now Casey and Dan are discussing people they know named Gordon. I can add a third: Gordon Bombay. yes, he’s fictional, but his name is Gordon. This seems to be bothering Casey… the man talking to Dana was named… Gordon! Casey is jealous that Dana had a date to the party. Where was Natalie on this one to warn Dan? someone is failing as the annoying office gossip…

So Jeremy returns… no one seems to know that things went poorly except Isaac and Dana. They took Jeremy to the hospital?!?! Jeremy explains. Our heart trembles? Jeremy explains how he feels how wrong it was that ___ happened on the trip. I don’t want to ruin the suspense for you. “but it wasn’t sports! it was just mean!”

was anyone else perturbed by all of the silence during the Jeremy/Isaac office Tet a Tet? I could have used some building intense instrumental music.

and then he calls his dad? wtf is this…

So the show ends there. What did we learn today? Physical comedy apparently warrants a laugh track, Aaron Sorkin doesn’t agree with killing things, Dan doesn’t know that Luxembourg isn’t an MLS team, and Isaac Jaffe always calls in your references.

Quote of the episode: “Is next Thursday next Thursday or this Thursday?”

Who deserves a punch in the face?: Jeremy. i think you know why.

Hot slut of the episode: Dana. wearing a Richard Tyler gown and Manolos BEFORE Sex and the City made them a common name for chicks who wear heels.

This made no sense: when did Isaac speak with Jeremy’s references when Dana supposedly hired him? and pretty much on the spot. hmm…

Overlaying sports reference: you could go with Jeremy and his hunting rant/whatever, but I’m gonna go with that creepy MLS plug in the middle. mainly because I like soccer.

Isaac cup o’ wisdom: “if you’re dumb, surround yourself with smart people. and if you’re smart surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you”

Sideline Reporter du’jour: none. sadness.

Witty dialogue rating: Lots of upstate New York references. pretty annoying. Aaron Sorkin spewing his views on hunting/killing was as well. I would give this episode a 3 because it did have some nice zingers despite the main theme of the episode.

Dan or Casey: Casey alongside Dan