the day i almost wrote a letter to the Collegian

November 11, 2008

happy Veteran’s Day! wait, i’m sorry did you realize that today is Veteran’s Day? probably not.

just because we still have class doesn’t make this day any less important. even when you were in 2nd grade and got to stay home and bake cookies with mommy you probably didn’t care that today is meaningful.

i’m actually surprised that i was worked up over the fact that no one realizes it’s Veteran’s Day. it all started this morning when I was watching my daily dose of Morning Joe and Joe himself was lamenting about how none of the major newspapers had any front page stories reflecting today’s holiday, not even 2nd pages, etc. it’s like no one even cares that there are SO MANY people VOLUNTEERING for our country. the closest thing i came to reading about military personnel today came in the form of an article about Gitmo. yeah.

since Scarborough was yelling about this i was getting kind of upset/confused too as to why no one cares. so i contemplated writing a little old letter to the editor to the Collegian, asking why they had NOTHING on Veteran’s Day as well. i even went as far as jotting down some notes as if i was going to actually do this, then stopped myself. why? Because i couldn’t articulate my thoughts well enough without sounding like a person taking crazy pills. plus, i’m not the world’s biggest fan of said publication.

i guess i just want to say thank you to all of our military personnel. I’m sorry you’re not getting the recognition you deserve today, but there are people who care about you and not just what kind of dog Obama is going to adopt.

*and yes, i agree, this “rant” is strange coming from me seeing as i don’t know anyone close to me in the military and am pretty apathetic on most issues because it’s simply not worth the time get worked up. i don’t know, it just struck a cord with me today.

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