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can you spell unprofessional?

October 22, 2008

well i think i just did. last week I was in Baltimore for a conference/convention/congress/c-word. whatever. A group of 16 from PSU went down to experience what our lives will be like as recreation professionals.

are you wondering what a recreation professional does exactly? so am i. going off the conference alone, i would say they drink heavily and hit on students. there’s obviously much more to it than that (just like homemade Sprite), but a snapshot of the conference would provide the same response from your eyes as well. and you would see lots of playground equipment. As students what did we do? We joined in on the fun of course. We’re all of age and responsible enough to make our own decisions.

I think it’s needless to say that we’ve been reprimanded for our actions over the past week. I agree that it certianly did not benefit our school or our image in the professional field to show off our exploits on the internet, but at the same time, we’re adults and our choices are our responsibility. If a picture of me holding a beer even though I’m of age prevents me from getting a job, then I honestly don’t want to work there anyway. Thanks for the concern, but my facebook page/internet image is under control. I know what the internet means thankyouverymuch.


too bad for the running man: in defense of Hanson

October 20, 2008

i’ve been catching a bit of flack for recent musical choices. so what, i went and saw Hanson in concert. so what, i’ve probably told you six times. so what, i don’t think Isaac is the creepy one anymore. so what, you don’t know which one that even is.

They don’t sound like girls anymore, and while Taylor’s pants were certainly tighter than any i’ve ever seen in recent memory, they don’t really look like girls anymore either. Yes, two of them still have that muppet long hair, but how does that affect the music? answer: it doesn’t.

I would liken them to a much less douchey John Mayer. Their sound has definitely changed. They went through puberty since the last time you probably listened to them. Mmmbop is behind them, and songs about pregnant flamenco dancers slitting their wrists are au courant. but that song is about giving up on yourself, not getting pregnant and killing yourself instead of the kid. hmm a preview of a (Vice) President Palin reign perhaps? politics aside, they’ve matured.

I think it’s fair to call myself a legit fan, i mean i have all 4 of their CDs, plus the Christmas album. While I personally did not name a pool stick Zac Hanson, a friend of mine did, and Zac still resides in my basement on the rack, just waiting for the day someone short enough comes along to play with him (it’s the child stick in case you missed it).

Their newest album, The Walk, does not suck. i’m not here to force it down your throat, but really, if your main reason for hating them is mmmbop, then grow up and listen to Middle of Nowhere again. yes, some of the songs are ridiculous (Yearbook, Lucy) but others are pretty fantastic for car sing alongs (or alones). A Minute Without You, anyone? They played it at the concert and it was easily the one that the most people were chirping along with, myself included.

Speaking of the concert, yes, i felt a little old being there, but not as old as the row of mothers i stood near by the soundboard. I’m not sure if they were there to chaperone their 13 year old kids or if they are just fans themselves, but I certainly enjoyed watching them bob their heads along to every song. There were people our age there however, I mean we were their first fan base after all. I still wonder how they got all of those younger fans though, to the untrained eye they completed disappeared from the music scene. those young kids certainly weren’t there for Dave Barnes.

The first opener, Everybody Else, was pretty awesome. again girl tight jeans, but the drummer’s glasses were bad ass, and their songs are ridiculously catchy. so much so that i downloaded the two that were in my head for the rest of the night. talk about sticking power.

Bottom line: Hanson is pretty good, they just get an awkward reputation from our generation because of their girlish ways and long hair. The Jonas Brothers can have a lemon party for all I care, they are nothing compared to the brothers Hanson. So in the vain of Chris Crocker, LEAVE HANSON ALONE.

creepy side note: i am irrationally grossed out by the fact that they’re all married and have kids. it seems like just yesterday they were on SNL with Helen Hunt riding in the elevator going crazy.