“…confidence that is disproportionate with my looks and abilities”

September 21, 2008

i love award shows. yes, they are boring about 4 minutes in and i wish i was doing something else, but i always manage to stick it out with minimal switch-overs to the Sunday night football game. of note: tonight was the first time i watched any NFL game AT ALL this season. and i won the pool last week with an impressive 96 points. who says you have to pay attention to the league? and oh goodness way to go team USA for taking back the Ryder Cup! golf claps for all of you.

anyway back to my point about award shows. they’re deliciously awkward a lot of the time, and my favorite actors are usually looking delicious. but really, the highlight of any show of this magnitude is the “in memorium” montage that’s tacked on between the directing awards and the ones that people care about.

I love this 3 minute clip package because it’s a test of me remembering if/when this person actually died. well not so much if but when, and this year was filled with “who?” and “her?” moments. they showed George Carlin twice. did he die twice, or do you think the audience is too dumb to recognize the man?

Don Rickles was clearly the highlight of tonight’s 3 hour snoozefest. god that man is funny. I’m upset that Jon Hamm was robbed of a much deserved outstanding actor in a drama series Emmy, but snaps to AMC for picking up the award anyway in the work of Bryan Cranston. 30 Rock kicked ass and took names with their category wins for lead actor and actress, and outstanding comedy series, so congrats to them! funniest show on television right now. blerg. and aces high to Mad Men for picking up the outstanding drama award. that cast is just too pretty for words. i love how they all look so modern when not in costume/character. makes them extra jumpable. that doesn’t look like a word… but you’re on watch Ken Cosgrove. from accounts.

onto music. Glen Campbell’s latest album (from August, i’m a little late) is pretty fantastic. he’s covering other people’s work, much like Paul Anka but in a waaay less creepy form. his cover of one of my favorite Tom Petty songs has been stuck in my head since i first heard it, so yeah.

and finally, i come home Saturday evening to a dinner party, filled with yummy food and drink (nice job on the fresh watermelon margaritas). I wake up Sunday morning to my dad reading the paper, scanning the Best Buy ad, and then declaring “i’m going to buy a Wii, want to come?”

i think it’s needless to say that there is now a Nintendo Wii sitting in my living room. Wii Fit as well, because who doesn’t love hula hooping without a hula hoop? i’m actually very good at it. take me on. and i beat my mom in golf. and baseball.

anyway, i predict this console will get minimal use in a house with two adults approaching age 50 and will be in my room after Thanksgiving Break, when i smuggle it into my car without them knowing. i’ll be working on my short game, so come ready for a golf throwdown.

and starting tomorrow, i fear i won’t be seeing much of anything besides a computer screen and textbooks. wake me up with it’s time to go home for Thanksgiving break, and hope to god I know where i’ll be in January. let’s think positive so it doesn’t involve sitting on my parents couch, or wait! playing Wii.


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