this probably wasn’t the best idea

September 15, 2008

let’s get this out of the way, and coincidentally it’s a nice segue into what i mean to talk about anyway…

i almost fractured my patella. yes, Patty patella, your kneecap.  i was cutting a rug so to speak. ok not true at all, but i was on a wooden floor masked as a place where people dance. i would venture to say that it’s not dancing so much as dry humping with flashing lights, but you get my point. anyway, someone spilled their Long Island on the floor and i planted my right knee directly onto the ground, supporting my fat ass all the way down. it was a quick plant, but damn effective in the bruise department.

went and got it checked out this morning to make sure there was no tearing and the doc took some xrays in fear that the kneecap was cracked, thanks to the blood/bruise pattern (called a sunrise apparently). no break, but “she’s just a family practitioner, so the radiologist will look at them tonight to make sure.”

anyway, this has a point i promise, in addition to me asking for free drugs/errands i don’t feel like doing.

things expire. namely, the ibuprofen i had in my medicine cabinet thing. and not just like, a month off, because i would gladly pop them into my mouth without batting an eyelash. they’re pretty old.

this upsets me because now i have to go downtown to pay for overpriced drugs that will probably do little help me actually feel less pain, especially from the additional experience of walking downtown. but i’m out of icy hot patches too, so this trip is two fold. scratch that, three fold: i need to buy my management textbook before the exam on Thursday.

and in other news of things that expire: my preserative free eyedrops. i think their throw away date was when Al Gore thought he won the Presidential election, but i was still using them up until last week, when i made a comment about how old they are to a friend who reminded me that they expire for a reason: bacteria grows in preservative free things. so that’s why my eyes have been bloodshot for the past few weeks… and here i thought it was all of the speed i was chowing down.

at least the Phillies are showing signs of life, otherwise this weekend would have been a total wash.


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