what’s my age again?

September 13, 2008

tack this onto the list of things i’m sick of: people thinking i’m a freshman.

i have a few strikes against me, like my height and the fact that i wear a backpack (shoulder support!) but seriously, it’s getting old. and coincidentally, so am i.

it was the first or second day of classes and i was in the West commons waiting around for one of my classes to begin. thought i would get a USA Today and dominate the puzzle page per usual, and i was particularly excited because it would be the first time in quite a while. I get my ID out and attempt to open the white contraption that holds the papers hostage, and after 1 swipe this chick comes up to me and says “oh sweetie your ID card goes picture UP”

um, duh. i do realize i was at fault, simply looking at the picture with the bar on top with written instructions that it faces down (what? yeah…) and well, i haven’t used that thing in months. as soon as i put my card in though, i knew i was wrong and had to flip it, so i didn’t need the Barbie doll to tell me what to do. i couldn’t really say anything to her but “oh thanks,” which i did, then proceeded to glare at her as she skipped off, presumably doing her good deed for the day.

i guess i should just stop doing things that make me look like a freshman, but come on! i like the free HUB movies on Thursday nights. no one said i was sitting there doing crafts on Friday night, but for all these people know that pass me on the sidewalk, i probably do. (for the record, i don’t)

so what are my options here? dress up more for class? no, that makes you look even more freshmany. carry an open beer? no, that’s against the law. constantly make references to the 05 football team? sadly that’s probably the best option i have. or i could drop my notebooks on the ground every few steps making sure everyone sees that they’re 400 level courses. except for the fact that 3 of them aren’t…

looking young is a battle that you can never really win. you always want to look older until you actually do, and then you spend all of your time trying to look young. luckily for me, that will happen much later in life than for everyone who looks age appropriate now.


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