weapon of choice

September 3, 2008

this is a problem that concerns young adults around the world. So you’re friends with someone. they have a boyfriend/girlfriend. you’re friends with said couple. they break up. you must take sides.

it’s never fair. even if you were friends with one of the people involved before the “love of their life” came along, choosing who to remain friends with just plain sucks.

Our age group sucks because break ups are more common and you also have a higher frequency of being friends with both parties. it could even be two friends who got together after you’ve all been amigos. whichever way it starts, the ending is rarely happy and battle lines are being drawn. you can’t be stuck in the crossfires, unless you’re me.

at this time i should probably delve into specific examples, but i think you understand the quandary. you’ve probably been involved in something like this too.

Let’s just say that there are upcoming opportunities to see friends and their exes in the future and i’m having trouble deciding on how to handle it. Ideally, i would like to see both of them. doesn’t have to be together. i’m guessing it might be better as a separate occasion thing.

…and then there’s the “i’m probably going to upset someone” factor of seeing a friend’s ex. it’s probably an unwritten rule that you must pick one and get over it, but i really don’t want to. Just because the two of you broke up doesn’t mean i have to as well. Think of all of the time we spent as a group, sharing laughs and memories, why do i have to pay for your misfortune? it’s not like i’m going to start dating this person myself, it’s a platonic friendly thing.

in summary, friends of mine, don’t make me choose! you all know that if i actually enjoy someone’s company i’m going to be friends with them with or without your approval. if i choose to see someone you no longer can be in the same room with, please save your judgment of me for another issue. i took the time to be this person’s friend too, and while there were never sexual favors involved (that was your job), i still owe them my friendship.


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