oh really

August 18, 2008

1. i’m so over the Jo Bros. told you it would be a quick affair. it was a clean break and we’re sharing custody of the hair straightener. haha kidding, i don’t even use one.

The fall semester is quickly approaching. shudder. I am excited to return to State College since I haven’t been since December 20th, but the thought of taking classes and applying for internships and probably getting a job just makes me want to curl up in a ball and get kicked around. yep, i would rather be a soccer ball than do all of that.

one of the happy, or completely dreadful moments before school starts is that first ANGEL log on and subsequently noticing one of your classes has been posted. This is usually exciting because it lets you read the syllabus (and start crying) and there are usually assignments posted for your perusal. Getting ahead never hurt anyone right?

I opened up my RPTM 460 page kind of excited, wtf is legal liability in recreation anyway?? this can’t be a difficult class. so this is just a shout out to all of you pre-law clowns, i apparently have to write legal briefs for this class. pump your brakes, professor. I’m a recreation major, not an aspiring Elle Woods.

also, our third exam happens to be on a day in which I will be en route to Madison, WI for the football game. that doesn’t work for me. so who wants to break my arm so i can get a hospital note?

and the icing on the cake: a group presentation. i should be used to this, because let’s face it, my major is basically team building exercises and group projects. i just can’t simply muster up enough energy for multiple group projects this semester, i think i might die.

so far this class is in the medal range for ruining my semester, but it’s the only contender so far.  it’s sad to think that this could be the least painful of the bunch. guess i better start praying to Bela Karolyi for some magic. ps- i totally spelled his name right BEFORE typing into google to make sure.


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