you and me would be a great cou-ple

August 16, 2008

i must have had a temporary lapse in judgment. i will make no excuses for my actions, but i am a victim of the Jonas Brothers mayhem that has taken over the world.

I downloaded their newest CD, A Little Bit Longer, on Wednesday night. After working with children that worship at their feet, I felt inclined to find out what all the fuss is about. I always told them that I thought they looked like Muppets, and that they should find real crushes. (i then proceeded to show them my cell phone wallpaper of Pat Burrell flipping off someone. probably not the best example in retrospect).

After hearing their single, Burnin’ Up, on the Disney channel (babysitting, not just watching it) I decided that it would be ok for me to listen to the entire CD. and listen I did…

i kind of love it. it’s that stupid pop music that makes you dance around in your car and sing along before the song even ends for the first time since the lyrics are so simple. I listened to it on a drive to Harrisburg and came out the other end as a new Jo-Bro fan.

I tested the waters by telling a few people about my downloading adventure and it was received with negative reviews. Apparently I am a freak and should stop this immediately. I told another friend who also babysits kids into these Disney muppets and she agreed, saying i should just delete it and forget it ever happened.

While I am hearing these requests, I need some more time with this musical mistake I have made. I will grow out of this, possibly by Monday evening, so just give me time with my faults and I will walk away a stronger person. You should know that I have the entire Spice Girls discography, as well as a whole lot of Hanson and Mandy Moore on my iPod as well, so maybe you people should pick your battles. I’m also a Magnetic Fields fan, so figure that one out.


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