Sports Night Season One Episode 2: The Apology

August 13, 2008

i had a dream about Peter Krause last night. it was wonderful, so i thought to myself, hey! i should make fun of him a little bit. Here we go episode 2…

Dan, Casey that’s you.

Dan looks nervous. oooh a developing news story!

Dan has an upcoming piece in Esquire Magazine. Now they wouldn’t mention this if it wasn’t going to be a central part of the episode, right kids? use your television set up brains. Also, Dan has a stalker. She’s a fitness professional. ooooh stalkerlicious

Meanwhile in the studio, someone is pitching a no hitter! That’s obviously news, so why not report it? Because Jeremy says not to. too bad no one listens to Jeremy. said pitcher loses it.

Back to the Esquire piece: apparently it’s going to get Dan in a lot of trouble. Casey’s concerned he doesn’t come off as cool. Maybe it’s the hair (good call Elliott). Oooh it’s so serious that there’s a lawyer involved! What on earth could Dan have possible said to catch this much flack?

Ohhh that’s right. He’s in an organization that supports the legalization of marijuana. Casey still doesn’t care, and is really concerned about the cool factor. Let’s hope they drop this soon.

Jeremy’s going to cut his first highlight package! Natalie has feelings for him.

Wtf kind of sweater is Dan wearing? That’s all i’m noticing while he’s defending his point to Casey.

“Any law that makes criminals out of 15 million Americans probably isn’t such a good idea”– Dan

  • This is one of the many instances where Aaron Sorkin decides to throw in his own thoughts about national policy into the show. I happen to agree with him on this point, but it’s the stuff like this that makes me cringe when i watch the show. I watch television to be entertained, not lectured at. I go to school for that.

Starland Vocal Band mention. Afternoon Delight is quite a tune, although i prefer its use on Arrested Development.

So Dan is up to bat in the meeting to discuss the article. He makes a great point about fighting the war on drugs by mentioning something like “I’ll be sure to mention it when I report on how the MGD car did in the Winston Cup.” Point goes to Dan.

oooh the suggestion of an on-air apology for this article. Hence the title of the episode? Dan wants to know who exactly he should apologize to. I’m wondering the same thing.

“Actions are immoral. Opinions are not, and I’m not going to apologize for mine.” oooh another point for Dan.

The big wigs storm back with the point that Dan mentions in the article that he hasn’t taken drugs for 11 years, and that 11 is an odd number to remember because it’s specific, only a number recovering addicts or alcoholics keep count of. Point Bigwigs.

Isaac rails Dan for using a black comparison to himself. Point Isaac.

The b-story is back in action! Jeremy’s highlight reel. one problem is it’s 8.5 minutes long when the standard is 30-40 seconds. I admire Jeremy for this, being a baseball fan because Jeremy makes the great point that there is action beyond scoring. Dana eventually intervenes and tells Jeremy what to keep in the clips. Problem solved.

Dana has little going on in this episode, but Natalie is insistent that Casey needs a woman. That woman is Dana. I think that Natalie is being obnoxious. no surprise on that one.

Ok so here comes Dan’s apology. There’s a nice zoom in on his prim and proper looking face. This is about to get serious huh?

Now I actually loved his apology. Call me a sap, but I loved what he said after he paused and then got real with the audience. Way to tug on those heartstrings, Sorkin. makes up for your political agenda push that was especially strong.

ps- this episode was what made me lurvvve Josh Charles. this guy is seriously an underrated actor. In Treatment anyone?

Dan or Casey: Dan alongside Casey.

Quote(s) of the episode: Do you have spoons? Got a wisk? Can i just say one more thing about the Starland Vocal Band?

Sideline Reporter du’jour: Kelly Kirkpatrick

Hot Slut of the Episode: I’ve got to give this one to Dan. Sticking up for himself without fail, then taking the apology like a man and making everyone feel his inner pain.

Who deserves a punch in the face?: eh, everyone was relatively tolerable in this episode. Maybe Casey deserves a slap on the wrist for seriously caring about his cool factor.

Overlaying sports reference: This episode was lacking. I suppose I could give it to the baseball highlight reel.

Witty dialogue rating: This gets a 2 on the Sorkin scale. It was heavy on agenda but light on banter. I guess we take what we can get.

Who won the fight?: Dan with 2 points. The bigwigs got 1, as did Isaac. Better luck next time gentlemen.


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