Wayne is that you?

August 11, 2008

Jonathan Horton. he’s that pipsqueak gymnast on the US men’s team. you probably saw him holding court in the team huddles and thought to yourself, Wayne? is that you?

Yes, Wayne Arnold from the Wonder Years. or that actor kid from PeeWee’s Big Adventure. most recently, Scott Baio’s friend on his reality show. What on earth is he doing at the Olympics?

Did Wayne mate with Spinner from Degrassi to create this Olympic force? I say yes. He has a Canadian flair to him, which Spinner no doubt provides.

Congrats on your Bronze metal, spawn of Wayne Arnold and Spinner Mason. Keep fighting the good fight.

Olympic quote of the night: “if you’re Chinese and have a television set, you’re watching this right now.”


One comment

  1. oh thank god someone else noticed this… i had to google it to make sure i wasn’t the only one…

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