August 11, 2008

my love of craigslist knows no bounds. i subscribe to the best-of’s, i routinely scan the for sale section, have applied for numerous internships through its job listings, and my favorite portion of all, the personals.

whether it’s strictly platonic, casual encounters, missed connections (holy awesome funny), or just the straight up w4w, m4m, w4m, m4w: it’s all good fun. So i regularly peruse the State College, Philadelphia, Chicago, Rockford, and Reading craigslists because it’s fun. oooh DC has a good one too. I could waste hours on it, and i like to make a game of deciding by the title of the post alone if it’s going to include a naked picture. i’m getting very good at skipping over the suspect ones. no one needs to see that so early in the morning (my usual time)

so…  when is it time to stop trolling craigslist personals for laughs and actually answer one? it’s hardly the first time i’ve actually liked what i read, but for some reason there’s a change in my attitude, like what is actually stopping me from responding to this pretentious SOB? oh yeah, it’s my fear that it’ll end up being someone scarily unattractive, or someone i already know. that second one would be kinda hot though. unless it’s a relative.

ps- can we just please all collectively agree that the Russian President, Dmitry A. Medvedev (whose name i did NOT have to spell check thank you) is a total stone cold fox? Sometimes he looks like Jack Bauer. other times he wears blue (not navy) suits and looks like a member of The Killers. Also, my favorite thing: his wikipedia article featuring a Chuck Norris-esque fact:

Reportedly[56], Dmitry Medvedev uses Apple iPhone, despite the fact that this cell phone is not officially sold or even certified in Russia.

what a bad ass. too bad he married his childhood sweetheart, which ironically makes him that much cooler.

oh yes.

oh yes.


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