Where for art thou Derek-o?

July 27, 2008

Just like that classic VH1 show, I’m always interested in asking “Where Are They Now?”

I guess you could say it’s because I revel in success, even if it’s someone else’s. I just want to know what someone is doing with their life, either to laugh or be jealous. The fun is guaranteed either way.

My most recent “hmm wonder what that clown is doing” comes in the form of a Full House bit player: Derek.

Now we all remember Michelle’s showy classmate Derek, who is probably best remembered for messing up their Yankee Doodle Dandy show. Michelle probably should have gotten the part anyway since she’s not stage fright. Anyway, he gets the part, Michelle is jealous, Derek freaks out at the show, Michelle talks him down from the ledge and he goes out prancing around the stage in his red and white striped pants. USA!

Oh yeah, and Stephanie takes a turn as the choreographer. Uncle Jesse and Joey are directing the latest installment of masterpiece theatre because hey! their jobs only last as long as they want them to, right Ranger Joe?

Anyway back to Derek, he is also remembered for being in Michelle’s secret club (that she gets kicked out of) and he’s in the boring group for the museum tour. Oh yeah, and he threw the Frisbee on top of the backstop but was too chicken to climb up and get it, so Michelle does and gets in trouble with Bob Saget. He made her give him a kiss and he put that fugly hat on her. Remember??

Also, how can I forget my favorite Derek moment: when he sings “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart” with that red haired girl that was Michelle’s friend for uhh 3 episodes? KiKi Dee and Elton John have never sounded better.

Wow I watch too much Full House. I recalled all of that from memory.

Back to my original thought: where is Derek now? Well I went to trusty IMDB and found his name. Since I closed the browser already, I forget what it is, showing he’s been up to a heck of a lot since his most memorable times on Full House. This just shows what kind of black hole that Full House really was: sure a few people escaped (Uncle Hermes), but look at Stephanie! A (former) meth addict! How rude!

p.s.- We’re all in agreement that Aaron (Michelle’s frenemy) was the greatest Full House bit player. Even better than Denise. BETTER. One-sided discussion over.

p.p.s.- Aren’t the IMDB message boards a hoot?


One comment

  1. that kid singing “don’t go breakin my heart” was so mega. his work on the little rascals movie immediately came to mind, too.

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