work perks

July 24, 2008

hands down, the best part of my job is the hot dads. hell, the hot parents.

Working with kids is definitely a chore, but the one always-glimmering moment in my day is when hot dad #1 appears from the tree-covered pathway with his son, age 4. The stroller pops out into view and my playground co-worker and I either make eye contact or hit each other with excitement. it’s usually 8:50-9:00am. my coffee has just barely kicked in, or i’m still drinking it. definitely looking gross and tired everyday.

whenever he appears, i drop whatever i’m doing to just be in awe of his presence. it doesn’t matter if i’m with one of my playgrounders, or alone doing paperwork, i have to take a moment to appreciate the beauty in front of me. One day hot dad #1 wore a sleeveless shirt to show of his guns and tats. A (my co-worker) and I squealed like school girls.

One day this week, he came to pick up his son wearing his business attire. um, wow. this guy is easily my favorite parent and it’s so great because his kid is adorable and IS NOT in my program, allowing me to admire from afar without having to speak with him.

Besides the hot dads from t. lot, the playground has some attractive parents as well. i was pleasantly surprised today when one of my favorite kid’s dad dropped him off.

annnd wow i feel like a weirdo for discussing this at length, but i’m really going to miss the hottie parents when i’m done working next week.


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