um i think we spelled it wrong

July 15, 2008

Lizards does not have 2 d’s. i learned this in 5th grade after a friend and I decided to go into business selling those beaded lizards. pony beads and string made with loving care all for 25 cents. it was a hopping venture for about 3 days, until everyone realized that they too could make them in the comfort and safety of their own home, or at least their desk during recess.

These little beaded friends have once again entered my life. In pursuit of my degree, I am working at a place that resembles a day camp as a playground leader. Today we made pipe cleaner people, a staple craft of mine, and on Thursday we’re going to make beaded lizards.

so i just spent the last oh, 40 minutes or so re-learning how to construct the little guys, finding my beads and string, looking at old pictures, and reading notes from the days when you used to pass them between friends and shove them into lockers. always a comical time, reading those notes.

don’t you just miss the innocence of it all? i know i do.

working with kids is frustrating but rewarding in the sense that i am learning so much about my own childhood. the jury’s still out on if i’ll decide to have some ankle-biters of my own. only if they are as cute as Don and Betty Draper’s kids.

i did ask the home-made Ouija board if i would get a boy toy by the end of the summer, but no response was handed down to me. so i’ll take that as a no.


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