Sports Night Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

July 15, 2008

Occasionally, I’m going to write up reviews/recaps of television. or movies. whatever i feel like. I’m dabbling in doing a Sports Night review, so here’s the first episode recap, along with a link to my Character Guide for first-timers. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt that much and no one is here to judge.

Please enjoy, Sports Night Episode 1. mocking television I truly love.

First, this has to be said: We get it Aaron Sorkin: you’re more cultured than us

So Casey is going through a divorce and it’s hurting his on the job performance. This wouldn’t be such a big deal, except he’s an on-air personality which requires his high spirits. Sports Night needs a new associate producer, and Natalie seems to have found the perfect guy for the job. JJ, an executive and apparent “Karen” of the office, is taking over the run-down meeting and Casey certainly isn’t having it. Once Casey is out of the room, JJ also expresses concerns about his performance and urges Dan to seek a new partner. Obviously Dan’s not into it. Isaac throws down his iron fist, who then also tells Dana to get her staff in line. major dramz

It’s time to interview that fresh faced kiddo sitting on the couch in the office! Insert weather nerd-alert “joke” here. So here we meet Jeremy Goodwin, who is interviewing for the AP job. But before we get to the big interview, Dana needs to have a word with Casey. Casey doesn’t want a pep talk.

Interview time! Dana is going to test Jeremy on his basketball knowledge. Too bad he doesn’t know too much about basketball! teehee, thanks laugh track! Natalie’s clearly digging him during his minor freak out. At least he gets a round of applause for it. Oooooh very un-PC move by Dana with her “name three things” hand gesture. It was a simpler time back in 1998 i’m guessing.

Cut to Dan rehearsing his script. Casey then announces he’s thinking about leaving the show because he’s tired of being a “PR man for punks and thugs.” He wants his job to be about sports again. Bringing in the child factor always tugs on the heartstrings, nice move Casey, now i’m worried about your son too. Dan counters with “quitting your job will make sports great again” and continues on a sarcastic tirade, showing how hurt he really is by Casey’s possible abandonment. But can we all just come to the conclusion that Casey isn’t going anywhere before this scene even started? He’s a main character! Of course he’s going to stay. Stop trying to fool us, television!

Dan keeps giving it to Casey, telling him how important his job is, and how much the staff lurves him, and of course how hurt they all are. But wait, there’s more! Kim cuts in to tell us there’s something we’re going to want to see: Antasaki Nelson breaking the world record (in running, not sure what though). Casey has an epiphany and calls his son Charlie to tell him to watch this guy break the world record. Sports are good again! God I’m glad we solved that one.

So Casey has bounced back in a matter of twenty minutes. Jeremy falls off a chair. Casey apologizes to Dan.

Dana officially confirms that Casey’s back! He gives her a kiss on the cheek. awww it’s a Hallmark moment.

Quote of the episode: “Helsinki’s in Finland”

Who deserves a punch in the face?: the laugh track. enough already, i think we know when to laugh

Hot slut of the episode: the scary looking “intern” that hands Casey a note, and is standing next to Isaac while they’re watching the world record breaker

This made no sense: that sweater Natalie is wearing at the first run-down meeting. this isn’t an ugly sweater party sweetheart!

Overlaying sports reference: Antasaki Nelson breaking a world record. whoever that is…

Witty dialogue rating: I would give this a 3 on the Sorkin scale. He probably played it down since it’s a pilot episode

Dan or Casey: Dan alongside Casey then bonus!! Casey alongside Dan right at the end


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  1. Ooo, a new blog I see. I suspect I will visit often. Thank you for another distraction! 😀

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