pimping it out

July 15, 2008

this is so much like Oprah’s favorite things episode, minus the free gifts. unless you count links to other interweb portals gifts!

Favorite Podcast: Keith and the Girl

  • nothing makes me laugh more than Keith and Chemda talking shit, as they say. it’s a bitch to keep up, but so worth it. It’s hard to explain what is so great about this show, but I’m always laughing and love everything about this comedy podcast. l’chiam

Favorite Web-show: Dorm Life

  • so i live in the dorms. true story. watching this 20 episode web-series made me wish my freshman year experience like this one. every episode had something in it that made me cry with laughter, whether it was the stereotypes so well enforced, or the little things, like Gopherr wearing a shirt that said Deleware on it with blue marker lines, representing the river, with Shane behind him ala George Washington crossing said river. He was running for floor president. I was dying when i saw this. Watch every episode and join me in purchasing a “my friend sam is 50” t-shirt from the official site.

Favorite Beverage (non-alcoholic): Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea

  • this diet beverage nonsense has to stop, but my mom keeps stocking the fridge with things that i don’t mind drinking. This stuff has a creepishly sweet taste, from the honey, but i’m used to it now so it goes down the hatch with ease. Since i am trying to hault my diet pepsi consumption, this is working as a nice substitute.

Favorite Beverage (that gets you happy): Clover Hill Concord Wine

  • ooooh a surprise witness! You thought I was going to pick a beer or gin right? wrong. Nothing puts a doofy grin on my face faster than this stuff. It’s the sweetness of grape juice mixed with a boozey buzz that only wine can bring. and how! This stuff is actually a little sweet for my taste, but pretty soon it doesn’t really matter.

Favorite Dunkin’ Donuts order: Medium Iced Latte Lite

  • i think i like ordering this because for some reason the guy at the window never gets it right. I order a “lite” every time and don’t think that’s what greets me at the window. ever. It’s still delicious and gives me a nice kick in the pants before work, and the medium size is perfect because the small doesn’t give you enough time to enjoy it before it’s gone. I’m also a firm believer that ordering a drink iced allows you to actually enjoy it before you reach your destination. Rarely do I go for coffee when I’m in no rush whatsoever, so it’s important that I can drink whatever I order right away. and when you spill this one all over your shirt it doesn’t burn! that’s quality.

Favorite 30 Rock Episode (Season 2): Subway Hero

  • Now this was a tough choice. There were many standouts in this shortened season of my favorite show that is currently on television. Greenzo provided many laughs, as well as Succession with its uncanny Amadeus parody. I even thought Cougars was hilarious. I ultimately chose Subway Hero because it features my favorite non-regular cast member, Dennis Duffy. He had so many great lines, from shouting Stern Rules at his press conference, to telling Liz how he knows the girl was 18 (dating an Asian, which apparently doesn’t start until college). I loved everything about this episode and have watched it more times than I can remember. If you’re unfamiliar with 30 Rock, please watch Season 1 and then proceed onto Season 2. toot sweet!

more to come…whenever i’m inspired to pimp some more of my favorite whores


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