two points for honesty

July 5, 2008

i enjoyed “blogging” so much over there in the Czech Republic that i’m considering a restart to my days of xanga-ing like it’s nobody’s business.

upon re-reading some entries (from college…strange) i have come to the conclusion that wow i was severely depressed about being single. sans boyfriend. whatever you want to call it. looking back, how silly! am i still single now? yes. but i guess i’m enjoying it more? i don’t know. it was just kind of funny to go back and re-read these completely lame entries about being alone. a message for the kiddies: don’t freak out if you’re not sucking face with random college guys the second you hit campus. that STD is probably not worth it in the long run. nobody likes herpes. not even the glittery kind.

so what’s been shaking with me these past 2 years? Well, i’m still in school. we are! i have one semester left on campus then it’s off to an internship then real world. i spent 4 months in the Czech Republic living life the only way i know how: buzzed and laughing. ok only sometimes buzzed, but you get it. and yes i can write that on here because i’m of age.

I’ve also decided that every blog worth reading has an overlying theme or no one cares. i simply cannot write about what i had for lunch, unless it was a lunch blog. so i guess this puppy needs a theme. How about… last call: the final year of an undergraduate degree. it will include musings on class, job hunting, friends, “friends”, bars, beers, music, movies, television, and so forth. so it’s a blog with a theme that really isn’t a theme at all. and with that, i can safely say this isn’t going on your google reader, is it?

if xanga has taught me anything, it’s that high schoolers need an outlet for their feelings. life is rough at age seventeen. i know, i lived it. so even though i am no longer seventeen, stick with it and i’m sure i’ll eventually write something that tickles your funny bone, or tugs on your heart strings.

kind of strange that neither of those things exist.


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